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Inner Compass Support
Alyssa Cotten

Welcome to Inner Compass Support

Nurture your inner compass so you can support your mental health. Healing is the gateway to success!

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Why You Should Join

Inner Compass Support is a membership site that gives you extra support to cultivate, hope, strength and a space to process for your mental health. Nurture your inner compass so you can support your goals and dreams. This community is designed to give support and knowledge to help you connect to your inner compass.

What's Included

  • Monthly LIVE Mental Health Workshops 
    • Example Topics: Setting Boundaries, Adapting to Change, How to Cultivate Motivation, Understanding Self-Sabotage, Anxiety & Depression in the Workplace, and many more!
  • Monthly LIVE EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) Tapping Workshops, utilizing "borrowed benefits" with group tapping!
  • Digital Planner (Daily, Weekly, Monthly and 90 Day Planning)
  • Two co-working hours, which include EFT tapping to release productivity blocks
    • Tasks to do during Co-Working: Work Tasks, Emails, Schoolwork, Decluttering Home, Entrepreneur Tasks, Updating Vision Board, Content, Creation, Goal Setting, Planning & Brainstorming  
  • Monthly Goal-Setting Meeting-Join your community to share your goals for the month ahead!
  • Weekly Journal Prompts 
  • Wellness Wednesday Encouragements 
  • Friday Reflection Prompts 
  • Resource Library- videos and worksheets to help you nurture your mental health. 
    • Topics Include: How to EFT, Coping Skills for Your Trauma, Anxiety or Depression, and Motivation/Productivity Tips. 
  • Private Group to share your struggles and successes

About Me

I am an Alaskan-based mental health provider, personal development advocate, and slightly obsessed with Disney and Harry Potter. 

As a professional mental health counselor, I have a passion for helping clients transform and live a life of true fulfillment. I have been contributing to breaking the stigma around mental health by starting a self-wellness YouTube channel. When I am not seeing clients or working on my YouTube channel, I enjoy traveling and hiking with my friends and family.

Who This Is For:

Who this membership is right for: 

  • Individuals who are wanting to be apart of a community of like minded people who are ready to nurture their inner compass. 
  • Individuals who enjoy having weekly journal prompts or insights to reflect on throughout the week.
  • Individuals who are wanting some resources or ongoing learning on mental health.
  • Individuals who want a community and extra support for being a provider in the helping profession.  

This community is designed to give support and knowledge to help you connect to your inner compass. This is not a replacement for therapy but to offer an aid to take your therapeutic experience to the next level. 

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